What we do

Sund Energy delivers insight to clients via tailored advice, regular briefings, reports and workshops.

Based on preference, these can be standardised updates on recent key developments impacting your business, or tailored in-depth analyses to address specific questions or develop future scenarios.  

By understanding diverse stakeholders and their preferences, we often assist clients with:

  • Assisting market players understand each other and build well-functioning partnerships

  • Making strategies, business models and infrastructure robust and sustainable to future developments

  • Designing concepts with technologies that allow for additional future upside

  • Improving clients’ business cases by anticipating future needs

  • Moving from words to action with measurable results

  • Support in communication and events/discussion

In all work carried out, we are neutral and objective to energy, technology, partners and nationality. 

We are often early in offering insights for new areas. when these later become "mainstream" we are already experienced. Some examples are:

  • Biogas to transportation

  • LNG for bunkering

  • Oversupplied gas markets

  • Balancing power markets

  • Hydrogen for maritime transport

  • Changes to global LNG with low prices, better logistics and innovative business models

  • Infrastructure planning

Sund Energy services are flexible and organised as:


  • Projects on running hours or with defined budget

  • Frame agreements for "spot" support at hourly rates (includes newsletter and discounts on workshops).


Interested? Send an e-mail to karen@sundenergy.com