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What is the best market design for European gas the next decade?

Sund Energy, with Thierry Bros and Coreggio, have submitted a proposal to the EU on their request to review the current market design for gas. As part of the proposal, a publishable discussion paper was written by Thierry Bros and Karen Sund. 

A corporate governance perspective on Brexit

Brexit from a corporate governance perspective - how irresponsible is it legal to be?

Gas and renewables - what does it take to dance?

What is the potential for natural gas in "balancing renewables"? 

US LNG on its way to Europe - are we ready?

"Here we are in 2016, US imports arriving, while Norway would like “guarantees” of demand to increase output."

Norway is a different country, also when it comes to climate emissions

While our power generation is almost all hydro, our emissions per capita are still high. This comes from oil and gas production, industry use of fossil fuels, transportation (long distances for many) and agriculture. Therefore, the quick fixes available to some other countries, in power generation, are not available here and our emissions are still close to the 1990-levels we have promised to reduce.

2016 oil and gas: Yes, costs must fall, but other changes could be valuable, too!

After comfortable years, some learning and changing could improve stakeholder relations, license to operate and profits! Adjusted mindset, better discovery of changes and improved communications - low cost with high impact!

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We are often quoted by Dagens Næringsliv, Upstream, Finansavisen, Bloomberg and others. We regularly participate in debates - online and in conferences. Some examples below.


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