Client work 

Since 2007, we have provided value in many different projects for diverse and international clients.




  • Strategy and business model: For companies and projects. We use our business skills and understanding of market dynamics to support energy buyers, sellers and authorities.

  • Clean tech business: Biogas, CCS, offshore wind, LNG to ships, fuel cell and more. Commerciality and business models implementation.

  • Second opinions and devil`s advocate for value: We provide views from outside the organisation and support in uncovering bias in projects, technologies, energy forms, companies or nationalities – also, and more often, on future developments and assumptions made.

  • ESG services for the finance sector (SRI) – following and reporting developments in the business environment of energy companies to portfolio managers to evaluate financial exposure to new trends and license to operate.

  • Partner selection: Electricity projects, gas players, technology providers. We use industry knowledge and an extensive network to design good partnerships.

  • Contracts, negotiations, sourcing support: Mainly confidential support to gas buyers and sellers.

  • Expert witness: We have supported several gas contract arbitration cases.

  • Country studies: Prices, players, market dynamics and future outlook for governments, companies and new investors.

  • Energy Events: Support in communication and events/discussions.

  • Innovation: Not just technology! Better business models, market intelligence, mindset and learning. 


In addition to specific project work, we offer standardised or customised workshops.

Public reports

Some of our deliveries are public and can be downloaded here: