About us - a different advisory group for complex and uncertain times

Sund Energy was founded by Karen Sund in 2007 and is now a diverse, international team of experienced energy people, brought together by passion for energy, environment and complex thinking for better solutions. We are diverse and cover several energy forms and backgrounds, which is useful in taking inherent bias of organisations out of the assumptions made in strategies and business models. This opens for more upside in opportunities and reveals risks earlier, without dismissing competition. We enjoy difficult tasks and have on several occasions assisted our clients to achieve “the impossible”. We are energy and technology neutral and always strive to find the best solutions for companies and the society.


Much of what we do is “bridging” environments by assisting clients in designing optimal strategies and in understanding their counterparts and stakeholders. Mindsets are diverse and the right answer is often not the same for all parties. We always encourage customers to think out of their own "boxes" (hinder silo-mentality) and to understand different stakeholders` preferences and decision making. 

Our company was founded on a few key principles 

  • Transparency: We practice it and encourage our clients to adopt transparency and clarity in all aspects of their business. We gather and share information using many platforms and provide insights into what the information means to our clients in terms of their strategy and/or investments.

  • Sustainability: Investors, customers, employees and governments expect businesses to manage and coordinate environmental, social and financial demands and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success. We review companies for sustainability to help our clients assess their investment exposure, we give advice to companies to enable them to be more open and forward thinking, and we encourage our clients to expand their comfort zone by grasping opportunities while managing risk and to accept that change can be profitable.

  • Honest consulting. Our philosophy on working for clients is to do what is best for them, not to maximise revenues from them. We only accept assignments that we know we can successfully execute for our client.

  • We help clients to need us less, or not at all. When asked by a client to devise a strategy, we work with the client to develop their strategy. When asked by a client to provide knowledge on a subject we will teach them enough to see if it is right for them. We make sure that we leave enough knowledge within our client’s organisation to manage the project without us but we do provide ongoing assistance if it is required.

  • We believe in dialogue. Many initiatives are delayed or cancelled due to lack of understanding or interaction/dialogue. We facilitate better understanding. 

Ethics and integrity

We have built up a foundation of satisfied customers with our style of consulting. No non-sense, realistic and frank, with a deep understanding not only of the industry in general but also of the client’s skills, position and risk comfort. When we provide strategic support, it is very much about making the ambition realistic and profitable while managing risks of uncertainty in a more fast-paced world. There are no magic leaps or large implementation teams. We take pride in seeing our clients grow and feeling ownership.


Much strategic support is confidential and Sund Energy always flags potential conflicts of interest.


Other activities and CSR

To increase knowledge on different topics related to energy, climate and environment, we often write articles in several publications and are often in dialogue/discussions with NGO`s, politicians, business people and more. We are also active in energy, climate and environment debates - both as speakers and informal discussions. We are encouraging learning and take in young interns who want to learn - and learn from them in the process.