Sund Energy provides commercial innovation for sustainable energy solutions 

Sund Energy`s team provides strategic advice and act as a think tank.  We provide high level advice to energy companies, clean tech industries, investors,  local and national authorities, NGO`s and more - both in Norway and internationally. We work with many forms of energy, both natural gas and renewables. We are continuously investing in own knowledge and understanding - both in and between projects. As a think tank we are also involved in public discussions, organise energy seminars and workshops, write articles, speak at conferences and more. For more information,  Contact us!

             Future proofing - at several levels

Strategy, governance and business models: 
Is your strategy robust enough for future developments?

Infrastructure and other investments

Improved learning and innovation

Our team often assists in adjusting concepts and business models to make strategy and companies more robust and sustainable - both economic and for the environment. We contribute to full picture decision-making by taking out the human bias of believing too much in one's own technology, mindset, energy source and even country. 

We have a proven track record at "calling" the market early, often opposite from traditional thinking and models. 


Sund Energy has an extensive global professional network in different sectors of business life and politics, built up with years of trust and confidence. This is praised by our clients in finding business partners, improving stakeholder management and getting a better understanding of new business opportunities.

From December 2018, Karen is the coordinator of Biogass Oslofjord. and will not consult on biogas  in Norway through Sund Energy. Other topics in Norway and any topic in other countries will continue as now.